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Terrine of goose liver
with spiced cherries
and homemade brioche 19,50 €

Carpaccio of salmon and pike-perch,
marinated with lemon balm
and avocado-cucumber-dill salad 18,00 €

Medallions of Canadian lobster
on salad of peach and young leek
with pink pepper 26,50 €

Tartar of Bavarian ox
with wild herbs, toasted whole grain chip
and quail egg 19,00 € €

Terrine of fresh goat cheese
with sautéed chanterelles and wild herb salad 17,00 €


Creamed soup of lobster with cognac
and cream cheese-tarragon dumpling 15,50 €

Creamed soup of dandelion
with fried veal meat ball 9,00 €

Iced cucumber and avocado soup
with fried scampi spit 9,50 €

Intermediate course

Homemade noodles with oxtail ragout,
chanterelles, young leek and bacon 17,00 €

Vegetarian dishes

Chanterelles with vegetable strips, fresh herbs
in cream double and bread dumplings 18,00 €

Egg on creamy spinach
with baked potato cubes and shaved truffles 19,00 €

Fish from Bavarian waters and the sea

Crispy fried fillet of pikeperch
on chanterelles risotto with champagne sauce and romanesco 28,50€

Filet of char on watercress puree
with red wine butter and lemon-pearl onion 27,00 €

Turbot on the bone grilled with bacon and chanterelles
on spinach and new potatoes 29,50 €

Grilled half canadian lobster on cognac sauce
with strawberry-snow peas vegetables and vanilla-fennel puree 37,00 €

Lamb from estate Polting in Lower Bavaria

Saddle of lamb and sausages of lamb on rosemary sauce
with artichoke-zucchini-vegetables and tomato doughnut 28,50 €

Poultry from Gutshof Polting in Lower Bavaria

Rose roasted duck breast with ginger sauce,
braised red onions, cherries,
and vegetable-cous cous 27,50 €

Beef from the Farm Siegertsbrunn near Munich

Grilled Bavarian ox fillet under the lime-balm crust 
on thyme sauce with melon-celery vegetables and bacon cookies 29,50 €

A steak of about 750 grams cut with bone across the back, roasted with thyme and garlic. Drizzled with the finest olive oil. Served with pickled vegetables and roasted rosemary Potatoes.
for 2 person, carved at your table
per Person 54,50 €

The meat of the white Chianina beef is called in Tuscany Bistecca Fiorentina. The high-quality meat of Italy's oldest breed of cattle already appreciated the Etruscans for its tenderness. Referring to the original Bistecca Fiorentina from Tuscany.

We recommend the following wines

2008 Brunello di Montalcino „Val di Suga”
D.O.C.G. Tenimenti Angelini Tuscany, Italy
0,75 l 79,00 €

2008 Chianti Riserva
D.O.C.G Cantina di Montalcino Tuscany, Italy
0,75 l 29,50 €

Specialties of the Bavarian veal from Miesbach

Roasted saddle of veal under a crust of chanterelles
on thyme sauce with kohlrabi vegetables and potato gratin 27,50 €

Duet of fried veal liver and braised veal heart
in old vinegar with braised vegetables
and mashed potatoes 26,50 €

Pork from older Bavaria and Swabian

Saddle of suckling pig filled with ham covered plums
on dark beer sauce, lukewarm radish-salad
and roasted potatoes 26,50 €

-All prices include value added tax-


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