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Terrine of goose liver
with confit of rhubarb
served with home-made brioche 19,50 €

Fried catfish in a crust of horseradish
on wild garlic-potatosalad and mustard 17,00 €

Medallions of Canadian lobster
on salad of snow peas and pineapple
with rose pepper 26,50 €

Tatar of the bavarian willow ox
with meadow herbs, roasted whole meal chip
and fried quail egg 18,50 €

Baked dumplings of goat cheese
on salad of green and white asparagus
with herbal oil 17,00 €


Creamed soup of lobster with cognac
and cream cheese-tarragon dumpling 15,50 €

Creamed soup of wild garlic
with fried meat ball of veal 9,00 €

Essence of country duck
with asparagus roulade in a puff pastry crust 9,50 €
Intermediate course

Home-made sliced pasta with ragout of oxtail,
pearl onions, beans and ham 17,00 €

Vegetarian dishes

White wine risotto with green and white asparagus
with salad of edible wild herbs 18,50 €

Fresh stalks of asparagus from Schrobenhausen

Portion asparagus (250g) from Schrobenhausen
with new potatoes and at your choice of either melted butter, sauce hollandaise
or sauce béarnaise

  • boiled asparagus ham and smoked ham from munich 100g 10,50€
  • roasted fillet of char 100g 10,50€
  • roasted saddle of veal 80g 12,50€
  • roasted fillet of ox 80g 14,50€

Fish from Bavarian waters and the sea Crispy fried fillet of pike-perch on wild garlic risotto with champagnesauce and roasted romanesco 28,50€ Fillet of char on potato-asparagus vegetables with red wine butter and young leek 27,00€


Whole sea bass fried with herbs
dserved with prosecco sauce, fennel leaf spinach
and olive-potato vegetables

for 2 persons, filleted at the table
per person 29,50 €

Half a Canadian lobster from the grill
on tomato-leek-vegtables with cognac sauce
and homemade herbs noodles 37,00€

Lamb from Gutshof Polting in Lower Bavaria

Saddle of lamb and sausages of lamb on rosemary sauce
with artichoke-zucchini-vegetables and polenta cookies 28,50 €

Poultry from Gutshof Polting in Lower Bavaria

Rose roasted duck breast on orange sauce
with radicchio-trevisano risotto and green asparagus 27,50 €

Meadow cattle from the Siegertsbrunn estate near Munich

Bavarian ox fillet from the grill
under a crust of horseradish on red wine sauce
with braised vegetables and potato cakes with ham 29,50 €

Cheeks of ox braised in dark beer sauce
with fried mushrooms and apple-savoy cabbage vegetables
and homemade swabian noodles 26,50 €

Specialties of the Bavarian veal from Miesbach

Roasted saddle of veal under a crust of herbs
on thyme sauce with kohlrabi vegetables and potato gratin 27,50 €

Pork from older Bavaria and Swabian

Saddle of suckling pig filled with plums and ham
on dark beer sauce with lentils
and potato dumplings filled with ham, onions and herbs 28,50 €

-All prices include value added tax-


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