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Baked cream cheese balls with marinated pumpkin and wild herb salad 17,00 €

Venison Carpaccio with truffle vinaigrette, lamb´s lettuce and shoestring potatoes 19,00 €

Marinated salmon with dill-mustard sauce and potato pancake 18,50 €

Terrine of goose liver with marinated quince and homemade brioche 19,50 €

Medaillions of Canadian lobster on sugar peas-sprout salad with orange vinaigrette 26,50 €


Creamed soup of pumpkin with roasted seeds and croutons 9,00 €

Parsley root soup with mushrooms and venison meat balls 9,50 €

Creamed soup of lobster with cognac and cream cheese-tarragon dumpling 15,50 €

Intermediate course

Homemade black pudding sausages on pointed cabbage
and baked potato cubes 17,50 €

Vegetarian dishes

Stewed savoy cabbage pockets on black salsify vegetables with cranberries and shoestring 18,50 €

Risotto of pumpkin with roasted seeds, fresh parmesan and wild herb salad 19,00 €

Fish from Bavarian waters and the sea

Poached fillet of char from the pepper-wheat beer stock on topinambour puree and sautéed romanesco 27,00 €

„Hechtenkraut“ The favorite dish of King Ludwig II. Marinated roasted pike fillet on gratinated Potatomousseline and creamed cabbage with Riesling sauce 28,00 €

Grilled half Canadian lobster on cognac sauce on orange-fennel vegetables and herb noodles 37,00 €

Lamb from estate Polting in Lower Bavaria

Saddle of lamb and sausages of lamb on potato-olive vegetables and baked beans 28,50 €

Poulltry from the farm Polting in Lower Bavaria

Roasted duck breast with orange-ginger sauce, with spiced red cabbage and herb-dumplings 27,50 €

Veal from Miesbach and Lower Bavaria

Roasted saddle of veal under a pumpkin-brittle crust with thyme sauce, pear-parsnip vegetables and potato gratin 27,50 €

Fine dishes of Bavarian game

Ragout of deer haunch in juniper sauce with fried mushrooms, braised vegetables and home-made "Spätzle" 26,50 €

Wild boar chop on Ayinger dark beer sauce with parsley root, potato-croissant and sweet chestnuts 28,00 € Red deer loin medaillons under a cranberries-crust on pomegranate sauce, turnip vegetables and sweet chestnut-bacon biscuit 29,00 €

Whole roasted saddle of venison with aromatics served with a juniper sauce, brussel sprout, hazelnut „Spätzle“ and cranberry pear

for 2 person, carved at your table
per Person 36,50 €

Beef from the Farm Siegertsbrunn by Munich

Grilled Bavarian ox fillet under the shallot-mustard crust with redwine sauce, pumpkin vegetables and scrambled potato pancake 29,50 €

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