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With the word “authentic”, we combine the values of sustainability, honesty and transparency. The products which we use must be organically produced, only the highest standards meet our quality requirements, and at the same time we want to let our guests get involved in the handling process.

We have been lucky enough to have found businesses around Munich which share these principles with us. We would to briefly introduce three of our suppliers to you.

Cheese rounds off the meal, so it is said, and at the Pfistermühle you can enjoy one of the most delicious selections of cheese in Munich. All of the cheese varieties comes from Naturkäserei Tegernseer Land with its headquarters in Kreuth am Tegernsee – just one hour from Munich.
Only farmers who produce hay milk and who are committed to sustainable land management belong to the cheese-making cooperative. This has many positive effects on nature, animals and people, such as the preservation of biodiversity or a healthier end product.
A strict purity requirement is stuck to for the cheese production. This ensures that nothing other than fresh hay milk, natural rennet, cultures, sea salt and some natural herbs are used.
As at Pfistermühle, craftsmanship and a love of authenticity are the focus for all endeavors at the Naturkäserei Tegernseer Land.

Naturkäserei Tegernseer Land

Wenn das Fleisch zu fest fürs Verarbeiten ist, weiß man, dass der Fisch gerade noch im Wasser schwamm. Ein Gütemerkmal, dem man nur begegnet, wenn man den Fisch lokal bezieht. Die Fischzucht Birnbaum kultiviert ihre Fische behutsam in reinstem Quellwasser nahe des Ammersees. Nach dem Fang und der Schlachtung am Morgen, wird der frische Fisch sofort in die Pfistermühle geliefert – bis zur weiteren Verarbeitung vergehen oftmals nur vier Stunden. Sie werden den Unterschied mit allen Sinnen erleben: Fest und elastisch in der Textur, dezent im Geruch, saftige Haut und so ausgewogen und rund im Geschmack, dass einem das Herz aufgeht. Bei der Seeforelle sehen Sie beim Servieren sogar noch das charakteristische Punktmuster.

Birnbaum Fish Farm

For all guests who love lean and tender meat, we recommend our saddle of veal cooked in herbs. With every bite, you can taste the fact that the calves were reared without stress and healthily in the meadows of the Bavarian Alpine foothills. The Polting Estate, located approx. 100 km outside Munich, stands for this type of animal husbandry more than any other and is already in the fourth generation of the Riederer von Paar family. Slaughtering is also done in a gentle manner directly at the local butchers so that the animals are not transported further than necessary. Alongside the saddle of veal, which is delivered in one piece and then matures for two weeks at Pfistermühle, we also source lamb from Polting. The origin of the estate, which is known in particular for its “Polting lamb”, really lies in lamb production. All of the animals have access to spacious areas of meadowland and have nothing but fresh grass, hay and straw to eat.

Polting Estate

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Fresh fish from Ammersee, cheese made from Tegernsee hay milk, meat from Upper Bavarian pasture veal... at the Pfistermühle, every dish contains a piece of home!

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In the heart of the city, right by the Platzl and just five minutes walk from Marienplatz, Restaurant Pfistermühle is located in Munich’s oldest mill building.

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