The Restaurant Pfistermühle is going to be even more beautiful

Its reopening is getting closer and closer but we still have to wait. But in September, we can finally say: Welcome to our “new” Restaurant Pfistermühle 

Its reopening is getting closer and closer but we still have to wait. But in September, we can finally say:

Welcome to our “new” Restaurant Pfistermühle 

We are happy to share our plans with you in advance, so that you can get a glimpse of the fresh glamor in advance.

The new look in the Restaurant Pfistermühle

You will be able to tell right away that in the Restaurant Pfistermühle we will be placing just as much importance on naturalness as you are accustomed to in the Platzl Hotel. We are decorating the room with high-quality wood and leather materials and combining them into a timeless style. This can be seen in the furniture, wall paneling and even the lighting. You are already familiar with the combination of modern and traditional elements from other rooms at the Platzl and this will also be carried over into the Restaurant Pfistermühle.

Particularly interesting in terms of decoration: we are going to focus on the themes of “wine” and “bread” but we don’t want to reveal too much yet at this point.

The tried and tested remains unchanged

While our restaurant will have a totally new design, we are sticking to the tried and tested with our cooking philosophy: regionalism and seasonality define our dishes, as does top quality. They are also made from local ingredients, as far as possible.

The taste therefore remains the same, but the interior design is changing. The latter is not just expressed in the aforementioned furnishings but also in the way our kitchen crew will be arranging their creations in the future. You have a lot to look forward to!

The anticipation is building

The day will finally come in September when we can look forward to lots of happy guests at the new Restaurant Pfistermühle. To build the anticipation for you, we are revealing a few first impressions beforehand. It is after all said that a picture says more than a thousand words.

You are welcome to already reserve your table today to enjoy the finer points of our sophisticated Munich cuisine after the opening.