We don't just love our staff on Valentine's Day

Faces in the Platzl

This is our top priority in the Platzl: Contemporary warmth that every guest feels from the first moment onwards. 

Faces in the Platzl

This is our top priority in the Platzl: Contemporary warmth that every guest feels from the first moment onwards. To be able to achieve this we require happy and satisfied employees who like working with us. We therefore focus especially keenly on supporting and developing our team – and we are also always on the lookout for committed people who have a strong awareness for great hospitality.

Our team is growing all the time, and with their fresh ideas, the new recruits enrich our long standing team of loyal and reliable employees who have made the Platzl into what it is today. Thus we would like to introduce to you three members of our team, who despite all of their differences share one thing in common: their pleasure in providing great hospitality.


Our Human Resources Manager, Vasilios Maliaridis

You are one of the mainstays of our hotel, having now worked behind the scenes here for 22 years. As our Human Resources Manager, you carry a lot of responsibility. Please tell us about the special importance of personnel work in the hotels trade.

The employees are both the capital and the heart of any organization. In the gastronomy and hotel trades, employees are all the more important. If they are enjoying their work, the guests feel happy. It is important for employees to be supported, for trust to be placed in them, and for them to be given responsibilities.

What is your goal for the Platzl Hotel?

Certain things have changed here in recent years. We are focusing on our employees more strongly than we used to. The goal for the Platzl Hotel is to provide our staff with a greater incentive to stay with us. If they are happy, this will find reflection in the hotel.


Our new F&B Trainee, Sophia Kirst

You have been working at the Platzl as an F&B Trainee since the start of December. What are you expecting from your traineeship at one of the most traditional and prestigious hotels in Munich, and what areas of work are you going to sample over the months to come?

Above all else, I want to work well together with the other members of staff in the different departments. I am expecting my job as F&B Trainee to provide me with a new challenge in terms of first managerial functions and I am pleased to be able to work in such a traditional and yet forward-looking hotel. During my trainee program, I also hope to be able to gain an insight into the business management areas of the hotel and eventually gain the skills that will enable me to become a manager in the friendly, Bavarian world of hospitality.

Over the coming months I will be working as a Supervisor in the Ayingers Inn, after that I will work in banqueting, breakfast, purchasing and sales, where I will be able to familiarize myself with the work processes.

Where do you come from and what did you do before you started working at the Platzl?

I come from Munich. After completing an apprenticeship at the hotel Bayerischer Hof and starting my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht, I spent an exciting year in Ghent: I had a great time working as the manager of the WASBAR café, which is half café, half laundromat. My hometown has always been my favorite place to work, however – especially the times I have spent working as a bartender at the annual Oktoberfest. I'm already looking forward to this year's Oktoberfest – as well as all the things I'm going to learn at the Platzl this year.


Our Bachelorette, Ms. Männer

Ms. Männer, it might be possible to describe you as being a pioneer. You are the first Bachelorette at the Platzl Hotel. Tell us how you ended up here.

I had already decided that I wanted to write my bachelor's thesis at a hotel – I wanted to address a genuine topic rather than completing a purely literary piece of work. I found it harder than I had expected to find a suitable topic, which is why I was relieved when the Director of the Platzl Hotel, Heiko Buchta, suggested a variety of topics to my Professor, Dr. Gruner. I grabbed the opportunity and have also been able to combine my thesis with an internship at the Platzl Hotel.

What things have you especially liked during your time at the Platzl?

I have really enjoyed the opportunity I have been given, even as a student, to complete my own projects, the responsibilities and the opportunities I have been given to use my own ideas, and the fact that I have been involved in the decision-making. At many hotels, students wouldn't be treated like this as a matter of course! Being here, I have had the feeling of being part of the big picture. None of the processes are set in stone and the management team is very open to suggestions and ideas. I would also like to mention the pleasant family atmosphere I have enjoyed with my colleagues.