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Artisanal, passionate, authentic – your restaurant right by the Platzl

What distinguishes really good food? It has to taste delicious, it should be healthy and palatable, beautifully presented and served by friendly staff. But is that enough? Not for us at the new Pfistermühle – the restaurant in the center of Munich which combines craftsmanship, passion and authenticity.


If the atmosphere is right, the food tastes even better. In the freshly renovated Restaurant Pfistermühle right by the Platzl, we build a bridge from the past to the future. We concentrate on traditional values, and combine them with modern technical possibilities. The interior of our restaurant in the center of Munich was created and restored entirely by hand, the old stone floor was left, the decades-old timber was freshly leached, felt, sackcloth and fragrant leather was turned into furniture and furnishing elements.

Experience real craftsmanship – even the wine coolers were specially made in the workshop for Pfistermühle... and everything in our kitchen is made from scratch too.


What we do at Pfistermühle, we do with passion. Our team under head chef Michael Sobota is young, has experience in Michelin star kitchens, and is full of potential and ideas. Traditional recipes reinterpreted, with which we surprise you, dear guests, again and again in an original way. We are hosts with heart, because we want to be, not because we have to.

You can trace this mentality from the greeting through to leaving, in the personal wine recommendation, service tailored to the guest, and while you let culinary creations melt in your mouth. That’s what passion tastes like in our restaurant near Marienplatz.


Regional origin, sustainability and seasonality are the virtues in the kitchen at our restaurant in the center of Munich. Our aim is to make each of our dishes something special, we focus our creations on the seasons and use ingredients which are produced locally in Bavaria. There are plenty of treasures here, after all.

See for yourself: Taste the local quality and freshness in every bite and experience an open, genuine atmosphere in our restaurant in the heart of Munich! There is no fear of contact between the guests and the chefs – you are welcome to take a look into the kitchen before and after the peak times.

Experience culinary lessons in the historic rooms or on the relaxed terrace of our new Pfistermühle – the local regional restaurant in Munich city center! We look forward to meeting you!

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Fresh fish from Ammersee, cheese made from Tegernsee hay milk, meat from Upper Bavarian pasture veal... at the Pfistermühle, every dish contains a piece of home!

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In the heart of the city, right by the Platzl and just five minutes walk from Marienplatz, Restaurant Pfistermühle is located in Munich’s oldest mill building.

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Welcome to the new Pfistermühle! From September, you can be inspired by our new concept – a combination of craftsmanship, passion and authenticity.

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