All of the employees at Pfistermühle are part of the Platzl family and, as such, are characterized by living warmth and great passion for gastronomy.

What makes the Pfistermühle so special is the uncompromising dedication to the artisanal aspect of hosting. In the kitchen, local produce is processed by hand and, since the menu changes seasonally, there is plenty of variety for the whole team. This makes the restaurant a perfect workplace for anyone who wants to develop day by day and to make an active contribution to the experience for the guest with fresh ideas.

Get to know some of our team from Restaurant Pfistermühle:


Since spring 2016, executive chef Michael Sobota has led all gastronomic areas of the Platzl Hotel. Naturally, this also includes the Pfistermühle, the kitchen of which he has already substantially influenced in the short time.

For his unique style, which he himself describes as “Alpine cooking with international flavors”, he has been inspired by leading figures in a wide variety of positions throughout the top restaurants in Europe.

For example, he was employed as chef-patissier under Heinz Winkler, who has already been awarded three Michelin stars 20 times, at Residenz Heinz Winkler. A position which he also held at the Las Dunas Beach & Spa hotel, Europe’s no.1 hideaway. At the Fischerzunft in Schaffhausen, he learned from André Jäger, one of the German-speaking pioneers of east-west fusion cuisine.  At the age of 28, he was awarded his first star by the Michelin Guide and, together with Michelin star chef Martin Öxle, he worked in one of the 12 best restaurants in Germany – Speisemeisterei in Schloss Hohenheim.

What he took from these restaurants was a love for detail, a demand for the highest quality and a sense of creativity. At the Pfistermühle, he combines these principles with his own passion for sustainability and dedication to the art of cooking. With his philosophy, he wants not only to inspire guests gastronomically, but also to make an impact on day-to-day life:

“We hope that, after dinner at the Pfistermühle, our guests will go back to the market or directly to the producers. Because you can taste the difference, and we want to contribute to securing the future of these products: After being caught early in the morning, the fish is in our kitchen just four hours later. Of course, this level of freshness is only possible if you source locally!”

See for yourself!


Since August 2016, Tino Nawrocki has led the operational activities in the Pfistermühle kitchen in the position of sous chef. Thanks to his absolute commitment, he has become irreplaceable to us in a very short time.

After many years in the far north – at the “Alten Friesenstube” on Sylt, in Sülberg with Michelin star chef Karlheinz Hauser and at the Kempinski Hotel Atlantic, among others – the young man was drawn to the center in Munich. Which, of course, we are delighted about! As a chef, he is pursuing his absolute dream job, which is also reflected in his high level of commitment and passion for the work. As a result, he transmits his enthusiasm to the rest of the team, as well as to the dishes which are served to you.

Tino Nawrocki is in close contact with our suppliers and ensures that we are able to offer dishes of a consistently high quality to our guests at the Pfistermühle. Once the hustle and bustle of the evening service has calmed somewhat, he likes to take the time to visit you, if you like, at your table.

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