The resurgence of the Platzl

The terrace of the Wirtshaus Ayinger am Platzl near the Platzl Hotel with numerous seating options.

Many decades ago, the Platzl (not our PLATZL HOTEL, but the street in the heart of Munich from which it takes its name) established itself as one of the city’s best culinary destinations; after all, it had long been the location of several gastronomic institutions. Some of the big names, such as the Hofbräuhaus or our own AYINGER AM PLATZL tavern, remain there today, while others have left the Platzl over the years. As a result, things had got a bit quieter here recently … But, as you might have guessed, not for long!


Tt's all in the mix – Experience meets Youth

The attractive location in the city centre is like a magnet, encouraging new bars, restaurants and shops to quickly take up residence in the vacant spaces.  The result is an appealing mixture of traditional businesses and “young blood” on the Platzl. These new arrivals are able to profit from the experience of the established businesses, while bringing a breath of fresh air that has shaken up the long-time residents, inspiring them to modernise and introduce new ideas (for example in AYINGER AM PLATZL or the PFISTERMÜHLE RESTAURANT). Let us tell you more about the old and new businesses on the Platzl:

The traditional businesses on the Platzl:

  • AYINGER AM PLATZL: Lively, traditional tavern in a historic location – completely renovated just under a year ago!
  • Hofbräuhaus: Probably the world’s most famous pub and the architectural crown jewel of the Platzl.
  • Hard Rock Cafe®: 20 years ago this was one of the young guns; today it’s a cultural icon and integral part of the Platzl.
  • Dublin Irish Pub: Opened in 1977 as the very first Irish pub in Munich – a laid-back meeting place for Guinness lovers and sports fans.
  • RESTAURANT PFISTERMÜHLE: Creative gourmet food with a Munich twist, located in a stylishly renovated vaulted cellar.

New restaurants and bars on the Platzl:

  • Ornella: The Orlando House didn’t stay empty for very long, and no wonder with a venerable interior like this. Italian soul food, French classics and Japanese delicacies all come together on this restaurant’s eclectic menu.
  • Goldig im Boettners: The Mediterranean-style restaurant in the former Boettners building got off to a shaky start when it opened in 2020, but was quickly able to attract a large number of loyal return customers through high quality, affordable prices and good wines.
  • Bar Valentin: The youngest member of the Platzl club is a down-to-earth establishment that certainly doesn’t need any gimmickry. Customers will find la dolce vita, Munich-style, in this bar, with superb cocktails, Italian delicacies and excellent espresso creations.

The Platzl is alive and kicking – why not pay us a visit?

And we haven’t even mentioned the shops yet: these include a coffee roastery, a tea shop, shops selling fan merchandise for the top Munich football clubs and “Fatzke”, a milliner. What’s more, the long-established jeweller Gilardy opened a branch on the Platzl just a few months ago, and the Bavarian State Ballet recently moved in, too. We can’t wait to find out what is coming next – it is likely that we will soon be joined by a natural cosmetics shop.

As you can see, there really is a lot happening here on the Platzl. So why not stop by and enjoy a couple of hours with us – guaranteed anything but boring!